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Alfa Frypan

or 3 X LKR.4,400.00 - LKR.5,000.00 with
The Alfa cooker series is built with the Solar Base base system that provides the highest heat transfer on any type of cooker, thus saving time and energy.

Astra Frypan – A1090

or 3 X LKR.3,600.00 with
Material: 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel Handle Type: Stainless Steel Triplex heavy bounded capsule bottom High polished attractive exterior surfaces Special attractive mat finished lines Ergonomic, cool touch stainless steel handles and knobs Suitable for waterless cooking Color: Silver

Divani Frypan

or 3 X LKR.7,000.00 with
Features Size:24x5.5 cm / 2.2 lt 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Stylishly designed special stainless steel handles and crests 3TRI-PLY Rolling Mill technology

Divani Omelette

or 3 X LKR.4,050.00 with
The body is made of heat-preserving aluminum, the outside is copper-plated, which is the best conductor. It is the choice of gourmets and professionals, as it adds a different flavour to the dishes with its rolling technology feature.

Fry Pan Bottom

or 3 X LKR.2,400.00 - LKR.3,100.00 with
Material: Stainless Steel Safe for cooking- Stainless steel fry pan heavy & wider base stays flat & maintains maximum contact

Fry Pan With Ss Lid -3 mm

or 3 X LKR.1,760.00 - LKR.2,246.67 with
– Base material is 100% virgin pure aluminum – Equal heating performance – Teflon Three-layer nonstick coating – Spray coating technology – Scratch resistance – Faster cooking – Strong heat resisting Handle – Over two decades trusted brand – Guaranteed aftercare service

Frypan 26×4.5 cm / 1.8 lt-A2657

or 3 X LKR.4,083.33 with
Frypan Dimensions: Pan 26×4.5 cm / 1.8 lt Volcanic looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick property on interior surfaces Extra

Frypan 26×4.5 cm / 1.8 lt.-A1146-1

or 3 X LKR.2,366.67 with
Coating with excellent non-stick property on interior surfaces. Extra resistance and resistance to scratching Easy to clean

Frypan 26×4.5 cm / 2.5 lt-A2889

or 3 X LKR.3,400.00 with
It does not contain harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. It provides high cooking performance even at low heat with its high thermal conductivity.

Gastro Frypan

or 3 X LKR.3,333.33 with
Product features: Made of recyclable, completely natural material. Environmentally friendly technology.

Gastro Frypan

or 3 X LKR.3,266.67 with
Made of 18/10 stainless steel, Ergonomic handle, Made from Recycled Materials, Environmentally friendly

Gastro Frypan

or 3 X LKR.2,966.67 with
Excellent adhesion on interior surfaces, Extra resistance to scratching and resistance.

Gastro Pan

or 3 X LKR.4,866.67 with
Product Features: Size: 40×7.1 cm Volcanic looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick properties on interior surfaces Extra resistance and strength

Gastro Wok

or 3 X LKR.4,133.33 with
Super capsule sole providing homogeneous heat conduction. Ergonomic, hand-free, special safe stainless steel handles.