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Stand Mixer C T Head – 4.8L Artisan Almond Cream

Product Feature: Weight: 11.7 kg Volume: 4.8L Excellent performance? direct-drive To prepare small to large quantities/batches of food. No power

Stand Mixer – Tilt Head Artisan – 4.8L – White

Product Features: Weight: 10.6 kg Size: 4.8l Smooth, rounded tilt-head design 4.8 L Stainless steel bowl to prepare small to

Stand Mixer – Tilt Head Artisan – 4.8L – Onyx Black

Key Features Weight: 10.6 kg Size: 4.8l Full metal construction Robust, stable, and durable Original planetary action Fast and thorough

Stand Mixer-C T Head-Artisan-4.8L-Pistachio

Choose from a variety of colors of the KitchenAid Artisan series tilt-head stand mixer for the one that perfectly matches

Korkmaz Comlek 7pcs Cookware Set

Produced from recycled, completely natural material, with environmentally friendly technology, Pottery makes delicious meals using very little oil with its extra-resistant volcanite-looking PTFE coating and high temperature resistant silicone outer coating.

Korkmaz Nea 7 Piece Black Pot Set

7 Piece Pot Set Measures: Pot 20×9.8 cm / 3 lt Pot 24×11 cm / 4.6 lt Short Pot 26×6.3

Mia Granit 7 Pcs Cookware Set

Coating with excellent non-stick property on interior surfaces. Extra resistance and resistance to scratching Easy to clean

Tora 7 Pcs Cookware Set

It does not contain harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. It provides high cooking performance even at low heat with its high thermal conductivity.

Double Wall Hoja

Double Wall Thermo Water Bottle Hoja Capacity:500ml Size:7x24x5cm

Double Wall Olive

Double Wall Thermo Water Bottle Olive Capacity:500ml Size:7x24x5cm

Double Wall Thermos Bottle Jardin

Vacuum insulated bottle 500 ml in color box BOTANIC Stainless steel bottles with double walls and good insulation. It keeps

Double Wall Thermos Bottle Venice

Material:Stainless Steel Capacity:17 oz or 500 ml Double-wall Stainless Steel Keeps Your Drinks Hot for Hours. Easy to Carry and

Beau Rivage Marine Cup 18cl

Very nice cups and saucers in blue glass. There is room for 18cl in the cup, which is a very suitable size. It is so-called hardy glass that can withstand both shock and go straight from the oven to the freezer. It measures D9 x H6 cm
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