Droppa Tea Pot

While Droppa teapot creates a vintage atmosphere in kitchens with its cover design, it provides maximum time and energy saving thanks to the Solar Base base system.

Ebony Double Walled Cool Touch

Pigeon Ebony Double Walled Stainless Steel Electric Kettle can boil water faster than stovetop. Now make Herbal Tea or instant

Hot Electric Kettle

This appliance is ergonomically designed and comes with a comfortable, cool touch handle and a stainless steel body which allows

Tombik Kettle

The kettle is made of 18/10 Cr-Ni high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to its three-layer capsule base, it saves energy and time. Carefully polished outer surfaces maintain their shine for a long time. The Korkmaz Tombik teapot provides ease of use with its ergonomic, heat-resistant stainless steel handles while complementing the elegance of your kitchen with its aesthetic look.

Whistling Kettle

Elegant Whistling kettle Made of s/steel. So beautiful & unique., Capacity 2.5l