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Alfa Frypan

The Alfa cooker series is built with the Solar Base base system that provides the highest heat transfer on any type of cooker, thus saving time and energy.

Divani Frypan

Features Size:24x5.5 cm / 2.2 lt 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Stylishly designed special stainless steel handles and crests 3TRI-PLY Rolling Mill technology

Gastro Frypan

Product features: Made of recyclable, completely natural material. Environmentally friendly technology.

Gastro Frypan

Made of 18/10 stainless steel, Ergonomic handle, Made from Recycled Materials, Environmentally friendly

Gastro Frypan

Excellent adhesion on interior surfaces, Extra resistance to scratching and resistance.

Mia Granit Alu. Frypan

Mia Granit, which is produced from recycled, completely natural material and with environmentally friendly technology, makes delicious meals using very little oil with its extra-resistant volcanite-looking PTFE coating and high temperature resistant silicone outer coating.

Minika Alu. Frypan

High Heat Conductivity: Korkmaz Minika Crepe Pan's body increases the thermal conductivity and provides high cooking performance even in low heat.

Montana Alu. Frypan

Manufactured with environmentally friendly technology using materials that can be recycled back to nature, the Montana Series makes its naturalness noticeable with the wood details used in its handles. While it allows you to cook easily with its silicone outer coating, it also exhibits superior non-stick properties with its high temperature resistant inner surface coatings.