We Celebrating Our 10th Year Anniversary


Homelux is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022 and has become a leading distributor in Sri Lanka for high quality world-class, innovative kitchen appliances for Sri Lankan consumers.

Homelux is a part of Avarna Ventures, which fuels diversified businesses. Under its umbrella, Rainco one of the most reputed and respected brand in Sri Lanka as well as globally, Light & Shade leading manufacturer and supplier for home solutions, World of Outdoor, Gift Works, Millerholz & Blink International—sole authorized agent for Casio Watches in Sri Lanka —are some of the brands which have leading acceptance in international as well as local markets in their respective business and industries.

With journey that started operations with one outlet and staff of 4 has today evolved to a larger island wide operations in the Western, Central, Northern and Eastern markets with brands such as Kitchen Aid, Korkmaz from Turkish renowned for high quality cooking vessels and kitchen appliances, and O’cusine for unique glassware brand from France, and Butterfly world leading Stainless Steel Appliances and mixer grinder and some of the brands and innovative products Homelux today have offered to Sri Lankans. For the last 10 years, these brands have strengthened their presence in Sri Lanka with Homelux as a retailer for reputed kitchen products in the Sri Lankan market.  

In our journey ahead we continue to innovate and search for smatter kitchen solutions for  Sri Lankan consumers. As a result, we have partnered with leading universities in Sri Lanka in empowering the younger generation to innovate and develop solutions for household needs, not only for Sri Lanka but also for global market. Thereby we are identifying the potential opportunity for Homelux as well as for Sri Lanka to capitalize in the Household appliance market internationally. Already we have initiated to pioneer  smart solutions such as induction cookers and cooking habits to assist the busy lifestyle of households. Through these initiatives, the organization is laying the foundations to overcome the current economic conditions and further to drive potential export opportunities in the industry for Sri Lanka.  

So join us in the journey for the future and experience our brands at Homelux for unique experience and service. Visit our showroom at One Galle Face or our island wide network of outlets and we look forward in providing a unique kitchen solution for Sri Lankan people and their cooking experience.  

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