About us.

Homelux is a part of Avarna Ventures Private Limited who has been in existence and in business in Sri Lanka for more than 40 years. Avarna Ventures holds companies that include Rainco, World of Outdoor, Light & Shade, Meubel House, Blink International, Wallspan, Millerholz employing more than 1400 staff.

Homelux has been in operation from 2014 and we specialise ourselves as the supplier / distributor of world-class kitchen and home accessories and equipment in Sri Lanka. We pride itself on bringing the best products from the world over to ensure Sri Lankans use the best that suit the functional requirements of their homes and kitchens. 

Homelux brings well-reputed international brands such as

  • Butterfly cookware & gas stoves from India
  • Ộcuisine Borosilicate glassware from france
  • Kitchen Aid tools and equipment’s from USA
  • Nirlep Cookware from India
  • Kai knifes from japan
  • GIMI clothe dryers and iron boards from Italy

Homelux brings its own branded products to suit functional needs catered thru quality products in the ranges of

  • Stainless Steel kitchen tools and accessories
  • Stainless Steel Cookware
  • Kitchen and Dining garments that include Aprons, mittens, table mats, table covers etc
  • Dish drainers and Dish racks