The kitchen and home accessories, equipment distributor, and since of late Retailer, is all about creating a new experience for customers.

Homelux is carving out a niche by stepping out of the crowded, mass-market kitchenware and home accessories and equipment segment dominated by cheap imports. Homelux is creating new experiences for consumers that accentuate their lifestyle choices by giving them access to high-end, world-class products at affordable prices. This approach has resulted in phenomenal growth for the company, explains Yaasir Nizam, Chief Executive and Director at Homelux Private Limited, an Avarna Venture company.

Yaasir Nizam
Chief Executive and Director at Homelux Private Limited

Can you take us through the journey and evolution of Homelux?
Homelux began as an offshoot of a sister company within the group to focus on the home appliances and kitchenware market. Over the last eight to ten years, Homelux tested out many different brands and channels and from two years ago, we decided to sharpen our focus and carve out a niche for ourselves.

With a brand promise, Kitchen and Living Redefined, Homelux supplies and distributes high-end, world-class kitchenware and home accessories and equipment to give consumers new experiences that accentuate their lifestyle choices. We have several leading global brands that exude finesse and refinement with a range of products thoughtfully crafted to best suit specific functional requirements in the home and kitchen.

The kitchenware and home accessories is a mass-market play in this country. Traders import in bulk and sell at low prices. No one was looking at brand names, product quality, or superior functionality. The many top-end global brands and their exquisite products were beyond the reach of discerning Sri Lankans or they didn’t know about it. We identified this vacuum for good quality international products. We promise to bring the best products best suited for a particular function.

For example, most people have one or two kitchen knives for everything that needs cutting, dicing and slicing in the kitchen. Discerning consumers, however, would know that is not how it should be. For instance, there are different knives for different purposes, and quality and durability matter. The best knives come from either Japan or Germany. We have KAI knives, coming from one of the world’s largest cutting instrument manufacturers in Japan.

We also have products from the USA in the form of Kitchen Aid (100-year-old brand), Ocuisine from France (comes from the biggest furnace in the world), Korkmaz from Turkey, Butterfly a premium brand from India and Ibili a heritage brand from Spain as some examples of leading global brands for the segment.

How has this strategy focused on high-grade quality kitchenware and home accessories paid off?

Our approach to focus on high-quality products has worked well for us. We saw revenue grow 80% during the current financial year (a year full of challenges!) and expect that momentum to continue in 2022/23. We primarily distributed our products via our partner retail outlets of Arpico, Damro, Odel, Softlogic and others, and in 2019 ventured into direct retail with our first store at One Galle Face Mall and have plans to open two more outlets this year, including one at Havelock City Mall.

We also rolled out an online platform for direct sales via ‘www.homelux.lk’ to resounding success. Whether you buy our products at our retail stores, online or our partner outlets, we guarantee a uniform MRP (maximum retail price), and that is something that we manage with integrity to ensure fair play. Looking ahead, we are excited about the new products and brands we are planning to introduce, like, for instance, Duralex, a French tempered glassware manufacturer.

What does the introduction of Duralex mean for your business and the consumer?

Duralex has been around for about 70 years, and its products are made from tempered glass and do not break easily, but the French brand is famous for its exquisite designs. An example of this is the cultural icon, the Duralex Picardie glass. The glassware first appeared in 1927 and took the Parisian cafes by storm. A tasteful item of glassware to sip coffee or any other beverage, its shape made it easy to hold and be stacked.

A Duralex makes Picardie glass by tempering glass – heated to 600 degrees and cooled rapidly – giving it superior strength. Bringing this range to Sri Lanka is significant on many fronts. For the consumer, who up until now have had to make do with cheap imported mass-market products, they now have access to a range of award-winning premium glassware sans the premium price tag!

The entire Duralex range – from drinkware, serving plates, dinnerware and storage boxes – will be available in Sri Lanka
at our partner outlets. For Homelux, Duralex will open up opportunities in the hotels, restaurants and cafeterias sector where high-grade product quality is much appreciated and sought after. That presents opportunities to grow the business apart from consumer retail.

What excites you most about the future?
Homelux is on an exciting trajectory. The domestic market for our product range is growing as consumer tastes mature and people appreciate the finer things in life. The feedback from our customers when they experience the high-quality products we provide is very exciting indeed.

We are also excited about the post-pandemic tourism revival that would surely come, unlocking growth opportunities for Sri Lanka as a whole as well as Homelux. We aim to build Homelux into a household name synonymous with top-quality, durability, magnificent designs and value for money

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